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It's All About You!


Here at Dillingham Adventist School, we  make education fun so you become a life-long learner. While you have homework (what school doesn't), we make the most of classroom time.  For PE, you might jump on your bike and hit the trails for a leisurely ride. When there is snow on the ground, skiing, ice skating or sledding is on the agenda.

Each year in January, students come to school in comfy clothes (um, pajamas!), make a tent, and gather up their favorite books for a day of reading!

Maybe you want to know how to fix an engine. Ever work on a motorcycle? Todd Parker, pastor of the Dillingham Seventh-day Adventist Church, leads a small mechanics workshop for curious minds.

At DAS, we encourage life-long friendships. Check out some of the learning websites and then visit our school to check it out!